Keynote Speaker Announced

Catherine Samson

Catherine Samson is a humour and laughter expert, a workshop facilitator, a creativity specialist, comedienne, writer and professional motivational speaker. For over twenty-five years Catherine has traveled throughout North America speaking to hundreds of associations, businesses, health groups, and lecturing at various universities and colleges. Owning and managing two businesses has taught her how to survive the roller coaster of economics and social change. Trained in laughter therapy by psychotherapist, Dr. Annette Goodheart, Catherine Samson understands how vitally important humour, laughter and empathy are in assisting human beings to survive and thrive. She is proud of her work at the Cross Cancer Institute where she co-created and implemented the humour cart.

Living life to the full, Catherine has jumped out of planes; lived in rural Central America, played with elephants, has handled a python or two in her life, and is a budding orchardist.

As our keynote speaker, Catherine’s upbeat message enthusiastically addresses the topics of wellness, humour, and motivation.

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Topics for the 2019 conference have been announced. They include topics such as:
  • ageism,
  • genealogy,
  • hidden gems of Alberta,
  • pet therapy
  • and many more.
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Please check back in mid - March 2019 to for additional information.