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Peter Brown - keynote speaker for the 2017 Second Wind Conference

Keynote Speaker - Peter Brown

Peter Brown has spent most of his career as a host and producer with CBC Radio in Edmonton. He was the long-time host of the afternoon radio show,Radio Active. He's also been heard on the national airwaves, hosting That Saturday Show and The Circuit: Your Summer Festival Pass, and as a correspondent for Q, Sounds Like Canada, the Roundup and Morningside.

For the past few years, Peter has been producing the sketch comedy program The Irrelevant Show, which is based in Edmonton and airs nationally on CBC Radio One. The show has toured the country, and won two Canadian Comedy Awards and a medal at the prestigious New York Festivals. The new season is airing Saturday afternoons at 1:00, and Sunday evenings at 6:30.

He has hosted many awards evenings and conferences, including the annual Safety Codes Council of Alberta AGM in Banff.

Rick Harcourt - Income Streaming in Retirement

You have spent time saving hopefully for retirement and now that time has arrived. What is the best way to utilize your funds? Join me as I discuss ways to build income in retirement (other than going back to work). You may hear terms like Annuities! RRIFs! Spousal Age! Pensions! OAS! CPP Maximums! Those are but a few of the options available to you. Let us explore them together.

Dr. Bonnie Haave - Stress of Retirement

Dr. Bonnie Haave and Dr. Stephen Carter - Relationships in Retirement

“When my spouse retired I went back to work.” “My spouse follows me around the house making suggestions about how I should be doing things. I don’t know how much longer I can put up with this”.
Do these statements sound familiar? How do our relationships change as we move into retirement? Is it possible to have more rewarding and enriching relationships as we age and retire? This session will describe what you can do to manage the relationship changes when in retirement.

Bob Stadnick - New Varieties of Plants

This information packed session will deal with exciting new varieties of outdoor plants that no garden should be without. Specific attention will be given to the new perennials and shrubs that are now available to the avid gardener.

Jan Baker - Destinations/Travel

Jan Baker - Travel With Confidence

I will review last year's presentation (solo travel, mobility issues, and safety concerns) and together we will continue on our journey to becoming more savvy travelers. We'll explore cruising in more detail, Air B&B vs. hotel, and traveling with pets. Are you traveling with a friend or partner? We'll cover that too.

Stephanie Tsui - The Fundamentals of Estate Planning

Your estate plan should be reviewed regularly and revisited anytime there is significant change to your personal or financial circumstances. This presentation will highlight the basics of estate planning and include some discussion on the estate administration process and responsibilities of an executor. Is your estate plan up to date?

Stephen Richmond - Wine Tasting 101

Please join us to help Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. You will taste and experience four great Canadian wines and walk away with a new appreciation of wines. Get ready for a fun and informative afternoon! Please be aware that there will be a $10 fee for this session to cover the cost of the wine.

Cindy Gordon - Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids—Will They Help?

This session takes participants on a path recognizing unrealistic expectations they may have of hearing aids, accepting their reality of hearing loss and developing an understanding of what they need to do to reconnect with loved ones.

Brian Parker - Sexy Seniors

There are those who would suggest seniors don't have sex; our sexual sensations diminish as we age; seniors don't have to worry about STIs and that seniors are prudes when it comes to sex. This interactive and informative workshop will provide seniors with the opportunity to explore these commonly held myths.

Fern Janzen - Cheese for the Novice to the Connoisseur

This presentation will cover a wide area from how to buy cheese, present it and store it, the health benefits, the different types of cheeses and pairing cheeses with beverages.

Terrance Judge - Tips and Tricks for Apple and Android Phones and Tablets

Come expand your knowledge with Tips and Tricks for mobile devices, focused on making you comfortable with them. Good for Apple or Android devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. Topics will include insight into Cloud Storage, Cameras, Security, and more.

Terrance Judge - Android or Apple Devices: Which to Choose?

Choosing a mobile solution can be a challenge with so many devices and options available. Come discover the ins and outs of the choice and get help figuring out which device is best for you. While you’re at it, learn about the capabilities of modern mobile devices.

Katrina Kelly - Golf

Swings and putting—the essentials to reaching the 19th hole.

Rod Lester - My Camera is My Phone?

Do you enjoy taking pictures on your cellphone to capture memorable moments but are not sure how to navigate the edit features of your phone or how to store pictures in albums? This session will provide an opportunity for you to explore these features on your iPhone or Android phone. Bring your cell phone to this session and follow along as Rod guides you through all of the ways to effectively use your cellphone to create and store your memories.

Maria Yakula - Cardio-Salsa

In transitioning to a fulfilling ‘quality’ retirement, one must sustain as much vitality as possible in mind, body and soul. Renewing an interest in maintaining physical fitness, allows for a more positive outlook on life than does a persistently sedentary state of mind or body. Cardio Salsa is a moderate, sustained, movement class incorporating cardio fitness, endurance, flexibility, and strength. The ‘fun’, social atmosphere is enhanced through the use of rhythmic Latin music. No special clothes or shoes required.

Carolynne Melnyk - Spring Forest Qigong

Carolynne Melnyk - Spring Forest Qigong: A Simple and Effective Practice to Improve Your Health and Find Balance

Are you looking for more energy, less stress and to achieve balance? In this presentation, you will learn about energy and practice simple techniques to increase and balance your energy while releasing blockages, allowing you to restore your health and vitality. By using your breath, along with slow gentle movements, you can learn to balance and connect your body, emotions and spirit. When you are in balance, your energy flows smoothly and effortlessly, allowing you to effectively share your gifts and get more from life. Bring along your smile and join me for this interactive presentation!

No special clothing or equipment is required.

Gary Sawatzky - Update on the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan

Gary will be presenting an update on the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan, including plan performance and changes over the past year. Gary will also provide attendees with an update on what is occurring in the group benefits marketplace in Canada that will ultimately affect the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan.

Denise Hoag - Courage is the Bird That Soars as It Spreads Its Wings

This inspirational Lecture/Fashion Show will encourage you to unleash your potential and motivate you to turn your dreams into reality... in spite of your FEARS! Denise helps people tame their fears; empowering them on their journey to living a purposeful life. Art and Fashion combine with stories, to create insights, hope and courage.

Tracy Van Dyk - Line Dancing

Line dancing is a form of dancing that does not need a partner. It is a low impact exercise and danced to different genres of music. It is a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people. Shoes with leather soles are recommended.

Daina Benson - Declutter Your Life

We right size many times throughout our lives especially as we move from our first home to a bigger residence once we start a family. These are exciting phases in our lives. The downsizing phase is no different. Now could be the time to declutter our lives and start a new phase surrounded but not cluttered.

Susan Sneath - Keep Laughing

This is a proactive approach to a vigorous mental health and sense of wellbeing. Through humour, stories, song and magic the challenges and opportunities of change and stress are taken into account. Use laughter, humour and creativity as tools to resourcefully respond to and explore this wild adventure of life!