Second Wind Wellness Conference Second Wind Wellness Conference

About the Organizing Committee

Volunteer members of the Second Wind Conference Committee, a standing committee of the Edmonton Retired Teachers’ Association (ERTA), organize and host the Second Wind Conference for Alberta seniors including those in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

Purposes of the Second Wind Conference:

  • To provide information and share resources that promote retiree health and wellness
  • To inspire retirees to remain actively engaged in their community
  • To provide an opportunity for social interaction and mental stimulation
  • To raise the profile of retirees as valuable and productive members of society
  • To promote membership and involvement in the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) and its branches

ARTA generously provides financial support to the Second Wind Conference.

2023 Organizing committee:

  • Lynn Arnold
  • Mary Dunnigan
  • Barb Esdale
  • Cam Fahlman (Chair)
  • Anne Jensen
  • Lynn Jerrett
  • Maurine Maslen

Those interested in helping make Second Wind 2023 an enjoyable and memorable event for Alberta seniors are most welcome to join us! Contact the chair at

2022 Second Wind Conference Sponsors:

ARTA, ERTA, TW Insurance Brokers